Very Berry MKAL アップデート

Very Berry MKAL Update

Long time no see! I’ve been busy with visitors every other month so I apologize with my absence here…

Some of you may have already know but ITOBITO is one of Yucca’s #VeryBerryMysteryKAL collaborating dyers!

For those who followed me since before, you will notice that a lot of my colors are based on sweets. And if you have met me, you’d probably guessed why *chuckles*. For the update this time, I’m also using the concept of ‘Dessert & Sweets’. This will also be the theme for the upcoming Summer update somewhere in July. I’ve prepared 3 new colors for this MKAL. They are softer speckled than usual. I’ve also prepared a few semi solids for those who would like to use them. Have you decided one a berry color? What is your favorite berry? What about your favorite berry dessert? If you need ideas, perhaps you can start from there!

On top of that, we will be giving out a sticker gift. First come first served, 1 piece per person and while stocks last.

For our patrons in the United States, these new colors will also be available via Knitters Without Borders. Stay tuned for announcement from @knitterswithoutbordersllc!

Time and Date

4 July, 9pm JST

Base Lineup
Sock, Ramie Sock, Sparkle Sock. Depending on colors, base availability differs.

Very Berry Mille-feuille: Inspired by assorted berries inserted in layers of yummy crust of a mille-feuille cake
Strawberry Shaved Ice: Inspired by the ever popular Summer dessert!
Wild Berries Ice Lolly: Inspired by home made ice lollies with different types of wild berries, granola and mint!

Hand-picked berry looking semi solid: Mariana, Lady Murasaki, Carrot Smoothie

Other colors will also be available in stores.

Looking forward to see you then!

Very Berry Mystery KAL pattern is now on sale at Yucca Ravelry Store. Clue 1 starting on 14 July! Visit @sio2_yucca @yucca_kal for more information.