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How should I care for hand-dyed yarns?

For superwash items, it is ok for them to be machine washed. However, for longer lasting use, I recommend for all ITOBITO yarn-made projects to be hand washed in cold water, gently squeeze (not wring) and dry flat.

Please take note that all skeins are soaked and rinsed with wool wash after dyeing but color may still bleed slightly especially for brighter or deeper colored yarns. Therefore, it's recommended to wash these separately.

When dried, hang or fold them in the closet with moth balls to prevent from pest attacks. You could also include a sachet of lavender, cedar chips, citronella or spice pack for more a natural alternative.

Why does the yarn I received looked different from the photo?

We try to match the color that we took of the yarn as much as we can on the computer screen. However, my screen and your screen may be different so please allow a little margin of error.

I bought a few skeins of the same colorway, why aren't they the same?

As ITOBITO yarns are made by hand, every single skein of yarn is unique. Even when they are made in the same lot, no 2 skeins are the same! Therefore, there will be some difference in each of them.

The yarn color is pooling, how do I prevent this?

Due to the nature of hand-dyed yarn, pooling/color inconsistency may occur. If pooling/color inconsistency is not prefered, you could alternate skeins in your project for a more 'blended' look.

Why are mini skeins more expensive?

Mini skeins take a lot more effort to make sure that each of them are dyed properly. They also takes up more time to skein.

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What are the shipping method used?

For local deliveries, we use Sagawa Express courier service at a flat rate of ¥620 across Japan.

For international deliveries, we use EMS and Yamato International TA-Q-BIN. Postage will be calculated base on weight of the parcel.

Can you combine shipping? 

Yes! We can combine multiple orders within the same update. Please contact us with your order numbers should you require combined shipping. We will refund any shipping excess either via store coupon or bank transfer/Paypal. Please note that customers are required to bear all bank/Paypal transaction fees. Store coupons do not have an expiry date.

How soon do you ship after receiving an order?

We usually ship ready stock orders within 3-7 working days. For pre-orders, the delivery timelines varies and are listed in each products' respective pages.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! For international shipping, we use EMS and Yamato International TA-Q-BIN.

EMS and TA-Q-BIN offers insurance and usually take about 1 week(excluding weekends) to be delivered.

Due to strict rules from Yamato Transport, I am unable to include food product in parcels sent via TA-Q-BIN.

For more information about EMS, please visit Japan Post. To check if Japan Post ships to your country, please see this list.

For more information about Yamato International TA-Q-BIN, please visit Yamato Transport.

Please note that receivers are responsible for all custom taxes. Packages may be returned if the receiver refuses to pay them. Returned packages will not be compensated (please see our exchange and return policy). If you would like to make a redelivery, a new shipping cost shall incur. Please take note before making a purchase.

I have not received my order after X number of days, what should I do?

After each shipment, we will send an automated email with a tracking number. Please use that tracking number to track your package.

Standard mail do not come with a tracking number so select at your own risk.

If you have not received your package after 2 weeks, please contact us and we will follow up for you with the post office or with the courier that we used to send your order.

For international orders, please get in touch with us if your package did not reach you even though the status says 'final delivery/delivered'. Due to lack of flights, deliveries may be delayed.

Please note that receivers are responsible for all custom taxes. Packages may be returned if the receiver refuses to pay them. Returned packages will not be compensated (please see our exchange and return policy). If you would like to make a redelivery, a new shipping cost shall incur. Please take note before making a purchase.

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Do you accept exchanges or returns?

I'm sorry but all sales are final. We do not accept exchanges nor returns.

Do you take custom orders?
You can request for a custom order with a minimum of 3 skeins of a Core Color colorway. 1 skein onwards if it's a Signature Solid colorway. Bases are subject to availability. Custom orders are limited within the colorways that we offer. Please check out colorways page for available colors and contact us when you are ready to order!
What are pre-orders?
Products with the pre-order tags are made-to-order. In each product page, we will list down the color and bases available for purchase. There, you will find the timeline for delivery. Every week thereafter, we will update the progress of these pre-orders on Instagram.
What are clubs?
Clubs are yarn or yarn sets that are only available to club subscribers. They are usually thematic and colors are unknown until delivered. Club colors are exclusive and are rarely repeated.
What are kits?
Kits are a set of predetermined yarns that we recommend for a specific pattern design. Previously, we have made kits for Yumemiru shawl, Fairy Bouquet sweater and Shawlography MKAL shawl, just to name a few.

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How often do you update? 

We try to update new collections every few months. We sometimes offer club subscriptions and kits in between. Join our mailing list to be the loop about updates and promotions!

Where do you source your materials from? 

We source our materials from various suppliers. We ensure that our yarns are of highest quality, eco friendly and sourced materials obtained from mills that have the best farming practises.

Do you have a physical shop?

While we do not have a physical shop, we sometimes appear in pop up stores or store-in-store. Due to this situation, we are unable to offer pick-up service at this time.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Please contact us to tell us what’s in your mind and we will get back to you as soon as possible.