2022 Westknits MKAL Kits: Twists & Turns

2022 Westknits MKAL Kits: Twists & Turns

Hello! It's the time of the year again! Are you joining this year's Westknits's MKAL? Here are ITOBITO's picks for the shawl and we have prepared 4 different types of kits. Let's check them out!


The Kits

Kit 1 - Bubblegum Pop Star
This kit contains Spark Joy, Suppai! and Lilac Fields as the accent color. This combination is fun, bright and light. The accent color is soft yet contrasting, therefore creating a contrasting but not too overpowering shawl. Suppai! is a new colorway introduced in this update.


Kit 2 - Summer Sonic
This kit contains Reservoir of Succulents, Netrunner and Rock Star as the accent color. This combination is starts off smooth and cool but with an added glaring contrast. There's Rock Star to cheer you up whenever you are snoozy or feel like giving up!


Kit 3 - Cuddle by the Bonfire
This kit contains Concubine Lane, Playing with Fireflies and Rengoku as the accent color. This combination embodies the concept of romance, warmth and passion. Hence, the name Cuddle by the Bonfire. 


Kit 4 - Ice Picking Kitty
This kit contains Calico, Good Harvest and Minty Cool as the accent color. Combining neutral colors, we added a stark accent color to bring out the essence of the shawl. This kit will create a shawl with very strong contrast colors.


We are including 10 stitch markers (assorted colors) in these kits as a bonus for your MKAL journey! Twists & Turns MKAL Pattern, cable needles and other accessories are not included.


We will be producing these kits in the following bases:

  • Sock (ready-stock and preorder)
  • ECO Sock (preorder only)
  • Merino Singles (preorder only)
  • Ramie Sock (preorder only) NEW!

We wanted to introduce Ramie Sock in the previous summer update but we were overwhelmed so we will introduce this new amazing yarn now! Ramie Sock is made of 4-ply construction and contains 60% SW Merino, 20% Silk and 20% Ramie. Ramie is one of the strongest natural fiber made from plant that has a silky lustre, similar to silk. It was said to originate from Malaysia! Combining with silk, expect this base to be super shiny! It has a soft and cooling texture, which is good for garment, socks and accessories, especially in summer.


Each base has very lisited sets available, do make your order fast!


Date & Time
These kits will go online on 9pm, Thursday, 8 September 2022. Please note that there will be 2 types of listings. Ready stock and preorder. If you were not able to purchase the ready stock kits, please proceed with the preorder ones. Lead time is about 2 weeks. We will be putting up these listings until 12 September 2022(Mon) or until stocks run out. As stocks for each base is limited and we are closed during Japan national holidays, we advice to make an order ASAP if you're interested! 


For international orders, we advice to order early as it would take 1-2 weeks for international shipping. We are not responsible for delayed delivery.

Have a nice day and happy knitting!