2022 Spring Collection: HanaYume

Ukraine Emergency Donation
Before we get into the rest of the Spring Update. I would like to announce that ITOBITO will be doing a donation drive for the people in Ukraine. As we know about the devastation and damage of the current crisis in Ukraine, I want to do what I can to help. In this update, I will be donating 10% of profits for the cause.

I am also making a special set of yarns for this purpose and ALL profits for these will go into donation. These special sets will be available in 2 bases, Sock mini skeins set(¥1600) and Sock full skeins set(¥5400), to fit your budget. For more information, check out this blog post.

Hello! Welcome! And Happy Spring!

Was it just me or was winter this year extra long? Luckily Spring has come and I would like to introduce to you ITOBITO's 2022 Spring colors!

This Spring collection is called HanaYume (Flowers & Dreams). As with the title, the colors we introduce this time will be soft and demure, like a dream! Not only that, we are also bringing you full skeins from last year's Advent Calendar to life. From the survey conducted, we selected the top 5 colors voted by you to be included in this collection. Some chosen ones are too similar to each other so we decided to combine and tweak them a little. Not to be forgotten are this season's soft and romantic pastel, solid colors which will make any project a dream! With the rest, there are a total of 8 core colors and 5 signature solids.

From Left: Calico, 花好月圓 (Blissful Harmony), Merry Gold, Rosé Impérial

Galleries below are shown in the following bases from left to right: Moko Mohair, Merino DK, Sock and Merino Singles Lace.



Merry Gold

Rosé Impérial

From Left: キャンディー自販機 (Candy Vending Machine), Dreamscape, 彗星 (Comet), 紅月 (Red Moon)





From Left: 粉雪 (Powdered Snow), Dune, 花ゆめ (Flowers & Dreams), Champagne Supernova, Migla

As for bases, we have 9 bases in 3 different weights to choose from! They are:

Sock - 85% SW Extrafine Merino, 15% Nylon (4-ply). 400m/100g.
Merino Singles - 100% SW Extrafine Merino (1-ply). 380m/100g.
ECO Sock (new!) - 100% Merino wool (2-ply). 400m/100g.

Merino DK - 100% SW Extrafine Merino (4-ply). 225m/100g.

Moko Mohair - 60% Kid Mohair, 40% Silk (1-ply). 600m/50g.
Sara Suri - 75% Brushed Baby Alpaca, 25% Mulberry Silk (1-ply). 300m/50g.
Merino Singles Lace - 100% SW Extrafine Merino (1-ply). 800m/100g.
ASCA Lace - 70% Alpaca, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere (2-ply). 800m/100g.
Sparkle Lace - 75% Merino, 20% Silk, 5% Silver Stellina (2-ply). 800m/100g.

ECO Sock is a non-superwash fingering yarn base which consist of 100% Merino Wool 400m/100g. It was first introduced as an option for ITOBITO Club and now we are officially introducing it. It is a more eco-friendly option for your socks, neckwear and garments. Colors may appear softer and muted than superwash yarns. Recommended especially for colorwork pieces. See below for comparison between Sock (left) and ECO Sock (right).
Some of these bases are only available in limited quantities so grab them while stocks last!

Date and Time
Update will be in pre-order format and starts on 13 March (Sun) at 9pm until the end of 14 March (Mon) or while stocks last. So you have more than 1 day to decide what base and colors you’d like for your projects. Please note that some bases are available in limited quantity. Orders will be ready in about 5 - 6 weeks. Depending on the workload, delivery date may extend. We may also stop receiving orders if we deem the amount to be too much, in order to maintain the 5 - 6 weeks delivery deadline.

Also, because this update coincides with the 2nd installment of Alice in Wonderland club, club update will be pushed to May. We will inform about this on a later date.

International Shipping
As with the recent crisis in Ukraine, Japan Post has suspended delivery to most European countries. Therefore, to avoid parcels lost or stuck in transit, ITOBITO decided to suspend delivery to Europe at this time. International delivery for this update will only cover Japan, Asia and USA. Please visit Japan Post for more update on this matter.

I'll be waiting! See you in the HanaYume update!