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Yucca 5th Anniversary: Rainbow Town English Translation Sheet

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・1pc Rainbow Town English Translation sheet

Important Note
*This item must be purchased with a sock set. Single item sales will not be accepted. If you made a mistake and purchased this as a single item, it will be cancelled from your order. Please take note.*


  • For long-term use, wash the thread by hand, squeeze it gently, and dry it flat.

  • Even if you dye the same lot, each thread is different in the hand dyeing process, so if you use more than one ball, it is recommended to use them alternately.

  • All threads were washed with a special detergent for wool, but some colors may flow depending on the color of the threads.

  • The actual color is a little different from the photo

  • All threads are non-smoking and made in the house where the cat lives